Monday, May 7, 2012

Taking Requests

So, my favorite part of captioning is making specific things for specific people and trying to make their fantasies come true in an image, which is why I do so many trades at Rachel's Haven. But I know not everyone is a member there, and I'd like to make stuff for my visitors and followers, too. ^__^ So, if you'd like me to caption for you, here's the plan.

Basically, fill out this little form and email it to me at This is just so I can more easily see what you like, dislike, etcetera. Don't be shy!

Caption Request
Male Name:
Female Name:
Caption Type: (photo, anime/toon, hentai, etc.)
Starting Race: (Asian, Caucasion, etc.)
Ending Race:
Starting Age:
Ending Age:
Hair Color: (If you have a preference)
Type of Change: (Male to Female, Female to Male, Femate to Futa, etc.)
Transformation Method: (Spells R Us, Bikini Beach, Genie/Djinn, etc.)
Scenario: (Vengeful girlfriend, chemical spill, Great Shift, etc.)
Mental Change: (Yes or no. If yes, let me know what you'd like)
Rating: (G, R, X, XXX)
Dislikes: (Anything you don't want to see)

Quick Note: I am slightly better at finding and writing for anime or hentai caps, but that doesn't mean I'm incapable of photo caps. They just may take a bit longer.

I'll try to get any request done as quickly as possible, and they'll all be put up on the blog, along with a copy emailed back to you. I'll be doing them on a first come, first serve basis.


  1. So, just send our preferences of what you do or is this only for requests?.

    1. It's for requests of captions people would like me to make for them, specifically. Of course, if there's anything special about mine you'd like to see in it, feel free to add that, too. The more info I have, the closer the target I can hit.