Sunday, July 8, 2012

Computer Problems - Back Soon!

Well guys, my computer finally decided to kick the bucket on me so there won't be any caps for a week or two, maybe longer. I've got a new one on the way and I was able to save most of the important stuff, so no worries there. Just letting everyone know, especially if I owe you a cap. It's coming! Just gonna take a little more time, sorry.

Back ASAP!


  1. Oh well ,at least a new one is on the way!

  2. Sorry to hear that hun, hopefully you get it fixed soon & we can do some trades when you get back..

    Would love to do a lil' "hentai cap war" actually. ^^

    1. Sounds like fun ^_^ Whenever I get everything all set up I'll pester you over at the Haven :P