Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break Body Swap

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  1. "... Just as Chris started getting into feeling his fingers inside his sister's drenched sex, her bff came back from the bar with their drinks and said, "DAMN, Alice! What's gotten into you?!"
    Chris giggled like Alice does when embarrassed, then replied, "I'm just so happy to be here! I've never felt more... free! I know this sounds weird, but Take a pic of me and send it to my si...illy, grounded brother with "Bet you wish you were here!" as the tagline."
    "Ohh-Kay, Alice. You're so much more... uninhibited than usual. What do you say that, after I send this to your "twittle-brother", we down these drinks and then shoot each-other a couple of Slippery-Nipples and have us a round of Sex-on-the-Beach!?! I've always wanted to introduce you to the pleasure of pleasing other girls, Alice!" and licked her luscious lips while ogling her friend's pussy.
    Chris began to spasm from the depths of his female innards to the curling of his painted toenails! Knowing that his sister's friend was bi and thought of him as a bratty-little-geek, he certainly was not about to decline an invitation to have sex with one of his masturbatory fantasy-girls! Especially when it meant he would get to experience sex as a girl himself, and mess with his sister's goody-two-shoes reputation to boot!
    "Spring IS the season of new beginnings, babe," he panted as his arousal instantly recovered, "so, come here. I'm ready to begin a whole LOT of new things!!!" ..."

    It has been a while since you posted anything, Christy, but I just couldn't help letting you know what thoughts this piece brings to mind! I hope you're well and planning to continue capping when you get the chance.